Only on the island of Okinawa grow at the most amazing healing properties of all known corals on the planet Earth!

Our water - a magical gift of nature,
health and longevity in every sip!

  • Increased immunity
  • Reducing the risk of serious diseases, oncology
  • Strengthening bones, joints
  • Improving the overall tone of the body
  • Completely natural and affordable product!

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Refer to the natural health source - the natural water from the Japanese island of Okinawa!

Gerontologists have long noticed that were born on the Japanese islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima people have enviable health and longevity. On these islands, people live on average 10-15 years longer than the population anywhere in Japan. And the elders differ enviable health.
And already it is no news that one of the secrets of the secret of the longevity of the population of these places is in the drinking water that is extracted from the Islands. This is not a popular belief or assumption, and is a proven scientific fact!

  • Behold minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body, the water contained in the coral, is very easily digested
  • The acid-alkaline balance of the coral water (pH) is very high. This feature is extremely useful for the human body, as the cause of many serious diseases it is increasing the acidity of body fluids
  • Our water is the best indicator of the redox potential. Thus, the cells of the human body does not have to expend extra energy on the alignment of the redox potential
  • Research found coral water ideal in its liquid crystal structure, it fully meets the content of intracellular and intercellular spaces
  • The constant use of our natural water helps to restore and maintain health, in consequence of that - the extension of the life!

Where do we get the water?

Unique coral Sango, which grows only in the islands of Okinawa ridge, with many years of geological transformation, is in contact with underground natural reservoir of fresh water located on the island of Okinawa.

Water, which includes coral calcium, is called coral water.
Coral Sango is unique in its kind, a substance that five hundred million years reached perfect harmony of the animal, mineral and vegetable worlds.
It consists of a complex of coral skeleton of mineral salts, which determine its exceptional properties and beneficial effects on the body. Scientists, on the results of research, it was proved that his genetic nature is very similar to human.

  • Of the 2,500 species of coral white coral Sango are the only species useful for human

Being in good shape

How in a modern city with a bad environment to maintain daily vigor and boost immunity, without overloading the organism pharmacy drugs? One of the best solutions - water CORALL ISLAND! Health and longevity in one bottle with regular use!

  • Increased immunity
  • Improving vitality
  • It was noted that people who drink water coral hardly suffer from colds!