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Japanese quality of coffee production

Our coffee - a special and unique part of the coffee culture in the world

High-quality coffee grain

For the production of coffee, we use only high-quality and expensive grain

We are ready to supply any amount of coffee

Currently, Japan -
it is the third largest supplier of coffee in the world

Coffee grows under the control

We are confident in the quality of raw coffee because we know how and where grown

Good price excellent quality

The price of Japanese coffee is often lower than in other countries, but it is always 100% quality

Drip coffee

This you have not tried before! Great to taste coffee brewed in special Drip bags

Availability Worldwide

ASIA PRODUCT CO. ltd will ship our products in terms of the fastest anywhere in the world!

Drip coffee MONTARO

Japan surprised again, and even then quite acquainted with the coffee direction invents something special. We present you a coffee MONTARO, a new word in the world of coffee directly from Japan. Natural ground coffee in the filter bags, opens up the possibility of rapid preparation of high-quality coffee in any environment and makes the process of brewing great coffee is much faster and easier than coffee beans. At home, at work, on a business trip, traveling - all now have the opportunity to enjoy the incomparable taste and aroma of the coffee MONTARO. Most consumers are trying once, have already made their choice in favor of the Japanese unsurpassed quality. Coffee MONTARO – only organic coffee!

Roasted grain MONTARO

If you prefer the classic preparation of natural coffee from roasted beans, MONTARO coffee and in this case, offers you to enjoy the perfection that is patented in Japan, the method of roasting beans 100% Arabica! Patented in Japan way of roasting and perfect packing with a special "breathing" valve will allow you much longer to enjoy the unforgettable taste and aroma of coffee MONTARO!


One of the largest suppliers of coffee in Japan. We offer the best conditions for our distributors. Join our success!

  • All kinds of premium coffee directly from the manufacturer
  • Successful activity in the international market for over 10 years
  • We work with distributors all over the world
  • For new customers, we always offer the most favorable conditions!

We invite distributors to cooperate on an exclusive basis!

Company "ASIA PRODUCT" will give its full logistical support for shipping our goods from Japan in your country. We have flexible options for shipping any volumes of goods around the world.

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