ASIA PRODUCT CO.LTD Japan for many years is a reliable supplier of Japanese food for the all world. Many years of successful experience, significantly expand the range of products from main Japanese manufacturers, as well as themselves to become not only a successful distributor, but a manufacturer and the holder's own T.M.

Our motto - best price, best quality, high speed service. We are always working for the highest result. Our goal - the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We glad to present a coffee MONTARO, a new word in the world of coffee directly from Japan. We produce instant freeze dried coffee, ground and roast coffee beans. A special is kind of coffee invented in Japan, is a natural ground roast coffee in the drip filter bags, which offers great opportunities of rapid preparation of high-quality coffee in any environment and makes the process of brewing great coffee is much faster and easier than coffee beans into the coffee machine.

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Japanese cuisine is not conceivable without such an important attribute and ingredients like soy sauce. Here is the masterpiece of the Japanese soybean industry naturally brewed soy sauce ICHIDA.

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Представляем вам настоящею жемчужину среди всех наших товаров. Природная минеральная вода CORALL ISLAND напрямую из Окинавы! Геронтологи уже давно заметили, что родившиеся на японских островах Окинава и Токуносима люди обладают завидным здоровьем и долголетием. На этих островах люди живут в среднем на 10-15 лет дольше, чем население в любой точке Японии. Причём старцы отличаются завидным здоровьем. И уже ни для кого не новость, что один из секретов долголетия населения этих мест кроется в питьевой воде.

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Other production
Our company offers you mutually beneficial cooperation on sales of Japanese food produced in Japan other well-known Japanese manufacturers of high-quality food.